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USB Pressure Transmitter

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USB Pressure Transmitter

with USB Adapter and USB Software
Model No: CPT2500

Recording interval can be set from 1 ms ...10 s

Measuring ranges from 0 ...25 mbarto 0 ...1,000 bar

Accuracy:0.2 ‰, optional 0.1 ‰ (incl.calibration certificate)

No external voltage supply required

USBsoft2500 software for configuration, and the recording and analysis of measured values

The CPT2500 USBpressure transmitteris suitable for connection to any PC with a USBport, via the CPA2500 USB adapter.

Forthe USBadapterthere are stainless steel pressure transmitters available with measuring ranges up to 1,000 bar.The USBadapter automatically detects the measuring range of the currently connected pressure transmitter and ensures a highly accurate pressure measurement.

The USBsoft2500 software is delivered as standard with the USBadapter.With it, all settings forrecording the pressure process can be made.The recorded measured values can be graphically displayed and evaluated.

The interval forrecording can be set in the range of 1 ms ...10 s.With a recording interval of more than 5 ms the following data is recorded in addition to the current measured value: ? the mean value overthe recording interval. ? the maximum and minimum value during the recording interval.

Thus pressure peaks within the overallrecording interval can be very easily identified. It is also possible to set start and stop conditions forthe recording.In this way it is possible to detect pressure peaks with a resolution of up to 1 ms.

The CPT2500 is a thus very well suited to all applications where, over a limited timespan, pressure processes must be recorded and analysed with high resolution. For easy transport and safe storage, the USBadapteris delivered in a compact transport case, which can also hold one or more pressure transmitters.

Calibration service companies and service industry

Quality assurance

Recording and monitoring of pressure processes

Measurement of pressure peaks