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Threaded Process Connection Diaphragm Seals

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Threaded Process Connection Diaphragm Seals

Welded Design
Model No: 990.34

All welded construction

Wide selection of materials

Suitable for high pressure ranges


Pressure ranges and diameter of diaphragm The maximum pressure range is dependent on the effective diameter of the diaphragm (Mb) and the process temperature (here max. +50 °C) Mb 22 mm: 0 ... 1000 bar Mb 29 mm: 0 ... 600 bar Mb 40 mm: 0 ... 400 bar Mb 52 mm: 0 ... 160 bar

See also diagram pressure-temperature rating on data sheet

Process connection

Thread G ½ B (male), G ¼ B (male) similar to EN 837-1, without centering spigot

Thread G ½, G ¼ (female)

Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (male)

Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (female)

Other on inquiry


Suitable for corrosive, contaminated or hot pressure media

Chemical process industry

Petrochemical industry

Water treatment