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Tamper Resistant Process Pressure Gauge

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Tamper Resistant Process Pressure Gauge

Tamper Resistant Process Pressure Gauge
Model No: PTR

Solid front, blowout back, welded to a 316L stainless steel one-piece diaphragm seal body

316L stainless steel wetted parts for use on most corrosive media

Permanently enclosed silicone filled system

Field-fillable gauge

Orifice restrictor available for severe pulsation

Pin stop at 6 o'clock available

Dial: 4.5” (115mm) white aluminum with black and red markings

Case: Black phenolic

Solid Wall: Phenolic

Lens: Polycarbonate

Ring :Phenolic

Pointer: Aluminum, anodized black, micrometer adjustable

Socket: 316L SS

Bourdon Tube: 316L SS, drawn seamless

Movement :304 SS with protective over/under stops

Gasket Materials: Buna N (Silicone rubber option)

Welding: TIG

Over-Pressure Limit: 25‰

Working Pressure: Maximum 75‰ of full scale value

Ambient Temperature: -40°F to 200°F (-40°C to 93°C) dry

Process Temperature: -49°F to 302°F (-45°C to 150°C) silicone-filled

Accuracy: ±1‰ ANSI/ASME Grade 1A

Enclosure Rating: IP65

Housing: AISI 316 SS

Diaphragm: AISI 316L SS, welded

Minimum Operating Pressure: 15 psi

Maximum Operating Pressure: 2,500 (17,237 kPa) to 5,000 psi (34,474 kPa)

Process Connection: 1/2” NPT male

System Fill: Silicone Oil KF96 50CS

Process industry where tamper-resistant gauge/seal is required to protect against maintenance errors in the field