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Pressure Transmitters for Low Pressures and Differential Pressure

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Pressure Transmitters for Low Pressures and Differential Pressure

Pressure Transmitters for Low Pressures and Differential Pressures
Model No: DP-10

Pressure ranges from 0 ... 0.6 mbar to 0 ... 1000 mbar

Special pressure range 800 ... 1,200 mbar absolute gauge pressure and vacuum, differential pressure

Various industrial standard signal outputs

Output signal calculated by root-evolution

LCD indication

1-2 alarm contacts

The WIKA pressure transmitters Model DP-10 have been developed for the measurement of low gauge pressures and vacuum, as well as differential pressures. These transmitters are exclusively suitable for dry, clean and nonaggressive gases.

Measuring principle The pressure is measured via a sensitive diaphragm, which is adapted to the pressure range, or a capsule element for absolute pressure ranges. An inductive system generates a linear signal which changes in proportion to the prevailing pressure.

Applications This transmitter has mainly been designed for HVAC, filtering, dedusting and clean room applications as well as for the medical industry.

For applications in which switching functions are additionally required pressure transmitters with 3 and 4-wire systems can be equipped with up to two alarm contacts. For each alarm contact a potential-free change-over contact is available.

For the local indication of the measured values the pressure transmitters can optionally be equipped with a 3 ½-digit LCD display.

For flow measurements by means of a standard orifice plate a special design with an output signal calculated by rootevolution is available for 3 and 4-wire systems. With this design it is possible to adjust the suppression of creeping quantities by means of potentiometers in the range 0 ... 10 ‰

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Clean room applications

Medical industry

Filtering and dedusting applications