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Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements

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Pressure Transmitter for Precision Measurements

Flush Version
Model No: P-31

Accuracy 0.1 ‰, without additional temperature error in a range of 10 ... 60 °C

Optional accuracy of 0.05 ‰ (full scale) available

Fast measuring rates up to 1 kHz

Analogue, USB and CANopen® output signals available

On-site calibration possible using product software

Precise The model P-30 and P-31 pressure transmitters have been developed for precision measurements. Through the use of special WIKA pressure sensors, precision measurements with a maximum measuring deviation of as low as 0.05 ‰ of span are guaranteed. As a result of their active temperature compensation, these pressure transmitters have no additional temperature error in the range of 10 ... 60 ° C.

Fast The high measuring and output rates of up to 1 kHz make the measured value available as quickly as possible.

Compact The compact design makes the pressure transmitter ideal for mounting into test benches, such as 19” racks.

Versatile The models P-30 and P-31 offer a wide selection of electrical connections, process connections and measuring ranges, as well as a large number of different output signals. In addition to the standard analogue signals, USB and CANopenR versions are also available.

Via a USB service interface and the WIKA configuration software ”EasyCom”, the models P-30 and P-31 can quickly and easily be adjusted on site.

Thanks to the simple-to-use software ”Wika data logger”, the USB version can also be used to save measured values and create customised reports.

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