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Intrinsically Safe Ex Pressure Transmitter

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Intrinsically Safe Ex Pressure Transmitter

Intrinsically Safe Ex Pressure Transmitter
Model No: EXNT 8292

The new Ex-Pressure Transmitter EXNT by Swiss manufacturer Trafag was developed for relative pressure measurement in explosion endangered areas such as in the oil and gas industry as well as the mining industry. The Ex-Pressure Transmitter EXNT type 8292 was developed to fulfil the norms according to ATEX and IECEx for the application in the Ex-zones with gas contact 0, 1, 2, dust contact 20, 21, 22 as well as the application in underground mining. (II 1G Ex ia IIC T4/T6 Ga, II 1 D Ex ia IIIC IP6x T130° Da, I M1 Ex ia I Ma, II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T4/T6 Ga/Gb). It additionally fulfils the EMC protection according to IEC61000.

The technical advantages of the Ex-Pressure Transmitter EXNT type 8292 is the wide pressure measuring range 0…400 mbar to 0…2000 bar, a very high burst pressure safety (up to 3x of the nominal pressure) as well as an excellent long-term stability thanks to its thin-film-on-steel sensor technology. The sensor system is completely welded and is therefore absolutely gas tight. The Ex-Pressure Transmitter EXNT has an output signal of 4…20 mA and is available with accuracies of 0.1% and 0.3%. Various pressure connections and electrical plugs, a protection up to IP67 as well as the large range of permitted operating temperatures from -40°C up to 120°C enables installation in many varied areas.

Sensor technology: Thin-film on steel

Measuring range: 0 ... 0.4 to 0 ... 2000 bar

Signal output: 4...20 mA

Ex according to the norm:EN 60079-11/ EN 60079-26/ EN 50303

NLH (BSL through 0): ± 0.1 ‰ FS Typ, ± 0.3 ‰ FS Typ

Suitable for use in Hazardous Areas