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Differential Pressure Gauge

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Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure Gauge
Model No: PDT

Brass or stainless steel wetted parts

Both conventional and balanced scale available

CRN registered

Dial: 4.5” (115mm), 6” (150mm) white aluminum with black markings

Case: Aluminum, painted black

Front Flange: 4.5” (115mm): SS 6” (150mm): Aluminum

Back Flange: 4.5” (115mm): Black steel 6” (150mm): Aluminum

Lens: Glass

Ring: 4.5” (115mm): SS 6” (150mm): Aluminum

Socket: Brass or 316 SS as specified

Connection: 1/4” NPT standard

Scale: PSID only

Bourdon Tube: Phosphor bronze or AISI 316 SS, independent, matched

Movement: Brass

Pointer: Aluminum (micrometer)

Welding: Tin/copper alloy for brass internals, TIG Argonarc for SS internals

Over-Pressure Limit:30‰ of full scale value

Working Pressure: Maximum 75‰ of full scale value

Ambient/Process Temperature: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C)

Accuracy: ±1‰ ANSI/ASME Grade 1A

Single pointer to show difference from two pressure sources

Typically used to measure pressure drops across a filter, pump or other equipment