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Diaphragm Probe Seals

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Diaphragm Probe Seals

Male Thread or Male Running Nut or Female Union Nut
Model No: 970.12

Compact size

Oval capsule sensor with internal support for stabilisation

Immersed directly in the medium

Process connection Stainless steel 1.4571 Model 970.10: G ½ B male thread Model 970.11: G ½ B male running nut Model 970.12: G ½ female union nut

Pressure rating PN 600

Pressure ranges 0 ... 10 to 0 ... 600 bar

Capsule sensor Stainless steel 1.4571, welded with body Dimension: 75 x 13 x 6 mm

Instrument connection Stainless steel 1.4571, G ½ female per EN 837-1

Options Process connection

Model 970.10: G ¾ B, M20 x 1.5 male

Model 970.11: G ¾ B, M20 x 1.5 male

Model 970.12: G ¾, G 1 female

Capsule sensor Dimension: 100 x 18 x 7 mm (requires minimum ¾ in. process connection)

Instrument connection

Capillary (welded with body) and gauge adapter G ½ female to fit surface mounting bracket complete of stainless steel

Cooling tower (for directly mounted gauge when fluid temperature > 100 °C)

For flowing, heterogeneous media

Suitable for high pressures up to 1,600 bar