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Absolute Pressure Gauge with Switch Contacts

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Absolute Pressure Gauge with Switch Contacts

Stainless Steel Series with Diaphragm Element
Model No: 532.54+8xx

High overpressure safety

All welded construction of pressure and reference chamber and therefore a higher long-term tightness

Manipulations of the system impossible DT- GM 86 08 176

Gauges compatible with alarm contacts and transmitter

Scale ranges from 0 ... 25 mbar absolute pressure

Nominal Size: 100 and 160 mm

Accuracy Class: 2.5 Accuracy in consideration of ambient pressure variation between 955 and 1065 mbar

Scale Ranges: 0 ... 25 mbar to 0 ... 25 bar absolute pressure

Measurement of absolute pressure excluding the effect of barometric pressure

Suitable for corrosive environments, gaseous or liquid

Monitoring of vacuum pumps

Control of vacuum packing machines

Monitoring condensation pressures and used in the variation determination of vapour pressures of liquids